A Comprehensive Guide To Stag Costs Whilst In Vilnius
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Vilnius Stag Costs

Deciding a budget per person for your stag weekend is very important especially as so many people are involved and they will have different ideas about what they wish to spend.
Fortunately most people appreciate good old value for money and that's exactly what the Vilnius stag weekend offers!

Considering the majority of expenditure on any stag weekend is spent whilst on location, we joyfully bring you the news that on arrival in Vilnius you will instantly triple your spending power compared to what it would have been in Western Europe! It's hard not to feel like a millionaire but truth be told it's not the worst feeling in the world!

Whether you want to spend less money in total or spend the same amount as you would at home but get more for your money - then a Stag Weekend in Vilnius is the answer.


- A pint of top quality beer in any of the top bars and chiquest clubs will   cost no more than 2 EUR!
- Activities here are much cheaper in the UK and it's much more fun to   do them in a foreign country!
- A 3 course meal in a good restaurant (including drinks) will cost no   more than 15 EUR.
- Entrance to the best nightclubs in ranges from FREE to 7 EUR !
- Taxis are also very cheap with a typical journey costing about 3 EUR
- They are even cheaper if you order them by phone.
- Public transport (buses/trams) are also very cheap with all single   journeys costing a standard 0.50 EUR.
- Strip clubs in Vilnius are cheaper than in Britain and Western Europe   both for entry and for their in-house products. It has to be said that the   quality is somewhat superior too!

In conclusion it's fair to say that any financial outlay on a flight here is quickly recouped in the vast savings made in other areas. Plus you get to go somewhere new, exciting and pretty much undiscovered by everyone else! By the end of your time here we're sure you'll agree that the Baltics are THE place to go for any group weekend.

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