We offer high quality and optimum value Vilnius Stag Weekends
Dedicated to stag weekends in the Baltic States!     email@balticstags.com     Tel: +37126836699

Why book with us?

[1] Specialists

- We are a specialist company dedicated solely to the provision of group weekends in the Baltic States. We are professionals and we take our business extremely seriously. Repeat business is the present and future lifeblood of our company and we believe our attention to detail and expertise will help secure our futures, as well as give you the full satisfaction and value for money that you and all our customers deserve.
- We only accept one booking per weekend which means you'll have our undivided attention whilst you are here (should you want it!) and of course we are here and accountable should anything not be perfectly to your liking.
- We have been living here since 2001 so you can feel safe in the knowledge that you're dealing with experts of the Baltic lifestyle. We have our ears firmly on the ground for news of new pubs, clubs, bars, restaurants, strip clubs and an ever growing list of daytime activities.
- If we thought there was another place in Europe offering such a hedonistic lifestyle we'd have moved there instead! We really do believe in and love the services we offer!

[2] Price and Efficiency

- We won't be beaten on price! Our pricing structure is highly competitive because we are a small company working from home and hence we have much lower overheads.
- We believe in efficiency but not in cutting corners so we organise everything ourselves and deal directly with hotels and activity suppliers who give us discounted rates which we can pass on to you!
- You'll be getting a better deal with us than if you booked with them directly! So why pay more to organise your trip yourselves when we could do it for you for less?!
- We don't book flights because we don't wish to waste our money on acquiring an ATOL license (needed to sell flights on behalf of airlines). These costs would only then have to be passed on to you which seems silly when you can book with the airlines directly via their websites. Please see our guide to cheap flights webpages.

[3] Time and Knowledge

- Your time is at a premium here so don't waste it. Having traveled all over the world ourselves we know it's impossible to become acquainted with a city's best places in just a few days especially as guide books are subjective and become quickly out of date.
- We have a vast and detailed up-to-the-minute knowledge and sharing this knowledge with you will ensure you and your group will make the optimum use of your time here.
- According to your tastes we can always recommend a wide range of suitable bars, pubs, clubs, casinos, strip clubs, restaurants and daytime activities having experienced most of them ourselves! Our wealth of information is available to you FREE 24 hours a day.

[4] Stress

- Organising a group weekend away always involves a fair amount of work for the organiser. Why not delegate most of this responsibility to us? After all it won't cost you anymore! Leave the stress to us and relax!

[5] Flexibility

- Most companies will charge you lots of money if you change any part of your booking. We don't! We'll amend your booking for FREE so long as the accommodation or activities are available on the new dates.

[6] Safety

- We are locals here. So have peace of mind that should anything not go quite to plan that we are here to help you 24 hours per day. The threat of external factors hindering your weekend such as street crime and violence are virtually nonexistent compared to that of a Western European city.

[7] Law and Financial Security

- As we are a Local and run company we fully understand and appreciate customer concerns about financial security. We are governed by EU law under the jurisdiction of the Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian Courts.
- We use secure and fraud resistant methods for you to pay us online. We never come into contact nor take any details from the card(s) you use to pay us.
- You can also pay directly into our bank account in the U.K.
- Any money you pay to us is safe and is held in a trust account until your trip is over. This ensures that in the unlikely event we become insolvent, all monies we receive from you will be returned to in full.


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