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Stephen R - Riga

Hi Stuart

Thanks for organising our accomodation, transfers & shooting activity. We were all very pleased with the w/e and Vilnius was a terrific venue for a bit of R&R.
It was reassuring to know that you were only a phone call / text away for when we had a question. Maybe see you another year!




Daniel G - Vilnius

Hi Stuart

The monday back at work was a struggle. Mark the crazy buggar didnt stop partying until wednesday morning!

Thanks for a great weekend, I have recommended you to a couple of friends interested in doing something similar. As for the incident at the strip club there is not much to say. I went to go outside, they said i had money to pay for drinks I didnt order and thats how it kicked off! I am not worried about it.




Soren H - Riga

Hey Stuart

Thank you we had a very good time in Riga.
You can tell your teem that they did a good job and a special thanks to Edgar and ouer very nice guide and her friend.

If we come back i`ll contakt you again



Jason H - Riga

Hi Stuart

Yeah it was very good thanks, we only went to 2 pubs though but I can imagine that for the girls it wasn't the 'liveliest' group of guys considering the groom, best man and a few others never turned up.

Riga is a nice place in general, bit too expensive considering the average wage of the locals and considering the inflation levels you have at the moment I suspect in the coming years that less 'brits' will visit which is a shame.

If any of us come back then we will definitely be in touch and you can organise a few activities for us.

By the way, Santa was gorgeous, just a shame she has a boyfriend otherwise I'd have had the dance she offered and I'd be back there tomorrow looking for her!

Many thanks

Jason Harrison


Jon T - Vilnius

Hi Stuart

Thanks for sorting out the trip. We all had a superb time and are feeling the appropriate ramifications. Particularly Mark.

I noticed your friend was taking photos and video at the shooting, any chance of sending a few over?


Best Regards

Jon Taylor


Ben S - Riga

Well Stuart

We had a great time in Riga, John was great , a good time keeper and
very patient man too...
The shooting was something different i must say.. Ithink everyone should try it once in their lives and i think the overall
majority of us enjoyed it...
I would definitly recommend Riga to any other Stag

P.S. The girls are extremly good looking too which is always a


John De RT - Riga

Hi Stuart!

Well .... first off, apologies for the severe delay in finally getting back
to you with feedback of the stag do.... I'm glad to say that at least I
managed to reply in the same year that the do happened! (only just)... I
moved to Australia (for the best part of a year) after my friend's wedding so I had a lot of issues with finishing up work and getting over here (and even assembling the various furniture pieces for the flat I'm in!)... but I can finally get back to you!

I hope this email finds you well! And on behalf of everyone that took part
in the trip, I'd like to say a big thank you for making the whole stag
weekend run so smoothly! Well worth every penny!

Everyone enjoyed Friday night's entertainment on the VIP gentlemen's tour (a little too much!)... we were all worse for wear the following morn so we were actually quite glad when Zorbing couldn't take place so please don't worry about that at all - most people were particularly happy in fact cos they got some extra spending money with their 'new friends' at the strip club! We were also really lucky that on our night out on Saturday we went to a club where Jazzy Jeff was randomly DJ-ing... all in all, the perfect weekend, with a very happy stag!

The only slight downside was that one person was ill and couldn't make his way out there... There was talk at the time that I should ask about whether this was noted and any reduction in services to your company (e.g. for one less person doing the buggies)... but to be honest I was so busy that I never got to ask you... and I did think that it was a little unfair to expect that from you seeing as how we only found out he couldn't go on the day we flew! In any event, I have heard nothing from him about it so I think he concluded the same!

John has to get a big mention for his good humour and great patience with us - we seemed to run late for everything! Please pass on our thanks and best wishes to him.

I can tell you that you (and John) made my job as best man all the more easy!
I have been, and will continue, recommending your services (and Riga) to all of my friends in the future ... (not only for their occasions - I'll happily go there again and hope to be on one of your trips whenever the occasion arises once more!)

Please do let me know if there was any specific feedback that you wanted, inaddition to the above. I hope that you have a happy christmas and aprosperous new year!

Best wishes,


Lief H - Riga


Talked to all of the guys and we agreed on having a hell of a good time on Sunday...

If any one else is to go to Riga I will give them your contact information.

Have a nice day

Best regards

Leif Haughom
General Manager


Björn Ö - Vilnius

Hello Stuart,

I just wanted to thank you for an excellent time in Vilnius. All the guides
were superb. Also send my thanks to the shooting instructors, we had a

If you want some videos for advertising just ask, I got some nice ones!



James F - Riga

Hi Stuart,

Just to say that we all had a fantastic time and we're all very grateful for
your organisation.

It was a great effort you guys coming out with us and I hope you also
enjoyed the banter with the boys.

I have no complaints at all. You made an extra special effort with the
arrangements for Sunday and the Saturday night was also a success. Please pass my thanks on to the Latvian guy (forgotten his name) who took us to the sauna. He was an absolute legend and very entertaining. I would recommend forging even stronger links with him.

The place itself was 'interesting'. Perfect size for a group of 8-10,
especially as we had it to ourselves. The ladies there, however, were not as 'willing', although no-one wanted to go that far anyway. So overall, I would give it an 8/10.

Most importantly, the Stag had a great time and I suspect that may be due to the Saturday night extravaganza. Ironically, after our discussions on Saturday afternoon, everything was a success. Again, I would put that down to having the place to ourselves.

Finally to reassure you, if anyone asks about Riga and stags, then I will
definitely be recommending you.

All the best and keep up the good work.



Shaun - Vilnius

Hi Stuart

Everyone enjoyed the shooting very much - thanks! Although its still an open question whether I shoot worse drunk or sober..... :-)

We also enjoyed the services of the Prospectus bar (Frank also the Wild Bar) and the Indian whilst we were there.

Ruta was very nice, professional and efficient - it was good to meet her -
no worries about the van, in fact the walk back in the fresh air was very
good for us.

Until next time!

Cheers Shaun


Chris W - Riga


Yes, we were very happy with your services and John did a great job in
looking after us. A good time was had by all, and everyone arrived back in one piece.

I would have no doubts about recommending your firm to any other stag
parties going to the baltics.


Chris Wilson


Paul S - Riga


Just a quick note to thank you for organising Friday night in Riga. The whole party had a great time on the guided tour and the two guides you sent us were pure quality - Lana especially!. It was excellent value, and we were taken to some bars that we would have probably have never found and went to, which would have been a tradegy as they certainly were some of Rigas best.

The 'special place' we were taken to was excellent and went down well with everyone in the party - Needless to say!

Its a pity we couldn't do the stripper dinner on the Saturday, but with the
sport that was on, and especially with the rugby being on at such an awkward time, we just couldn't fit it in and nobody was keen for dinner so early.

I wouldn't hesitate to reccomend your services, and with a group of mates from my workplace coming in November, will be recommending they get in touch with you.

If we ever decide to come back to Riga, which a good possibility then we will deffo be in touch with you.


Paul Smith


Tony D - Vilnius


Thanks for all your help over the last 48 hours, it was good to meet you and finally put a face to the name.
Vilnius was a fun place and your local knowledge was invaluable.

All the best



Mike - Riga

Stu-just left your strip club. Fantastic recomendth.... 10 happy stags Thx. If u need a hand in moscow ever,give me a bell. Mike.


Matt C - Vilnius


Yeah the Saturday alcohol ban seemed bizarre. It didn't cause us too many problems though as we bought a big bottle of whisky at 5 to midnight in Pabo Latino, and got loads of beers in the supermarket on Friday in preparation for the Saturday night.
I think the women made up for any negatives of the country! I have never seen so many stunning women in one place!
The girls that took us shooting were very friendly and helpful.
Yeah the cafe was very good, great food and scenery, and a bargain! I personally didn't go downstairs, but some of my friends enjoyed it. I didn't go to any other strip places, as I preferred going to chat to the locals and the challenge of getting a show for free :)

I think everyone is up for coming back at some time, so maybe see you then!



Duncan G - Riga

Hi Stuart, just got in from airport after long day of gradually sobering
up. Spent most of the day in Riga airport due to a bird flying into one of
the engines, great. Oh well, it didnt spoil a fantastic weekend. Thanks
for looking after us and coimg out for a beer it was great to meet you and Ian and John. Can you thank them for me too. I really do feel rotten now though so am gonna call it a night mate, cheers again, Riga is now our favourite place and we're already planning our next visit there again.
Take care, Duncan


Jeff W - Vilnius

Hi Stuart,

Sorry for no thanking you earlier, have been caught at work and the tube

The weekend was great, fantastic city. It was quite bizaar when the limo
broke down though, so although great, took a little momentum out of it.

the guide and the shooting was fantastic, really pointed us in the right
direction. I didnt even realise we missed a pistol, we all had a memorable and fantastic time.

Hoping to do Riga at some point so will definitely let you know.

Thanks again mate & I will definitely recommend you guys!



Jon W - Riga

Just about recovered... It was great fun, thanks.


Mark E - Vilnius

Hi Stuart,

We had a great weekend, thanks. John was fantastic, not sure what we would have done without him. Anyway thanks again for getting everything organised, i'll be sure to recommend you to everyone.

Many Thanks



Alan P - Riga

Hi Stuart,

Once again thanks for arranging a great weekend. I'll definitely
recommend to anyone looking to book a weekend away.

Hopefully we all behaved reasonably well and didn't offend the locals.

Anyway, all the best mate.



Mark D - Riga

That's great i was going to email you Elina was fantastic
she looked after everyone and such a wicked laugh. Thanks.


Stuart L - Riga

Our man has made a full recovery. He is still to see a surgeon here at home to determine whether he'll have to go for a further operation but at the moment all is well. Apart from that incident, everything else went great and everyone had a great time. Wedding was last Saturday and all went to plan. Speech went down a treat. Thanks again for all you help.


James W - Riga

Hi Stuart,

Just wanted to say what a brilliant time everyone had in Riga. Jon was a
legend and sorted us out whenever it was needed. Igne was an excellent guide and was very patient and calm we a big rowdy group! Cute too!

All the activities were amazing - the guns I think were the favourite of the group. Reloading the shotgun was immense.

We have loads of photos - would you like some for the website?

Also I can leave some excellent feedback on there for you as I know it helps.

Thanks again for an amazing trip!



David S - Vilnius

Hi Stuart

Nice to hear from you. Sorry I haven't been in contact since returning
for Vilnius, I've been pretty busy at work

I'd just like to say a massive thank you from myself and all the guys,
we had a fantastic time

Let me know if you would like me to add to your website ?

Thanks again



Steve M - Riga

Hey Stuart!

Thanks for a excellent weekend, and especially thank the
girls for a top Friday night!
All the guys are still feeling ruined!
This week has been a complete write off, I'm getting too
old for all this! ;-)

Here are the photos, some of which may interest you!

Hope you have a relaxing time with this weekend's victims!



Andreas J - Vilnius

Hi Stuart,

Sorry for not getting back to you until now. The reason for this is mainly
because it took the major part of last week to even remember my own name plus that I'm totally overloaded in the office right now.

Actually I wouldn't say that we had a good time in Vilnius, it was GREAT! Most of the guys said it was the best stag weekend they ever went to and that it qualified directly to the top ten list of most fun weekends ever. And we are of course perfectly happy with the service you provided, we couldn't have done it without you. I guess the only thing that we weren't a 100% happy with was actually the food at the Zemaicai but that didn't really matter since we had a great time in the restaurant anyway. Everything else was perfect!

We especially liked the Pablo Latino and the shooting
- Limo pickup
- The relax room at the Mabre hotel. You should really recommend that to other clients.
- The shooting
- The Pablo Latino

I'm convinced that we will be back for another stag weekend as soon as we get a chance. It's almost (I said almost) worth getting married just for a stag weekend like that.

I have done allot of promotion for you (and Vilnius of course) and I actually have a prospect for you already. I'll forward those guys to you in another mail.

If you need help with anything regarding contacts in Sweden or basically
whatever don't hesitate to give me a call or drop me an email. And of course feel free to quote me on your website if you like.....

Otherwise I hope everything is good in your end, and that we didn't ruin your reputation too much. Thanks allot again and hope to see you soon.




Mike G - Riga


I think the term over spend was probably a good way of describing the night ! Sat was cool we went to a few bars and a club and didn`t get in until 5am so it was a fairly good night, to say the least.

Thanks once again,



Nigel R - Riga

Hi Stuart,

Was going to e-mail soon to say thanks. We had a great trip, made even better with your help on local places to go (and not to go!), and obviously, the bobsled; fantastic!
The stripclub............fantastic eh? Two of the girls (we told them to act a bit like twins!) did an alllegedly not too rude number on Mike in a private dance session, (so that was an even better result than what we
had planned), but the whole troupe did a floor show for us for maybe 20 minutes for 8 lats each x 6 (we gave the club entertainment to Mike for
free) bit was the "Mistress with cat" have to admire them for sheer enthuisiasm and their acrobatic acting skills! Being a cynic, I always think, whats in it for them
now? the time they are doing the routine, they've already got our
money! Do the owners pay them on how well they perform, or are we just meant to shower them with even more dosh at the end,(oops!)?

Otherwise, Kolonna was good, Riga generally just what you expect, costs; always more than you expect, (but hey ho), and your advise on the local ways; helped me at least to feel a bit more oriented.

Cheers & good luck, Nigel


Philip M - Riga

Hi Stuart,

Well just about recovered after really enjoyable weekend.All the lads said what a good venue and good day events.Can thoroughly recommend Riga for a boys weekend.All the events you organised ran smoothly and were well organised.
Would not hesitate to recommend,thought your local assistant was excellent aswell,she really pulled out the stops to make sure we were happy.
Thanks for a great weekend,hope your trip to Leeds goes well and you have a few wins on the nag,s


Kirk McD - Riga


Shooting was brilliant, the bob sleigh was awesome, 11 satisfied customers.

No, couldn't have worked out better, having the 2 hours between the
shooting and the bob sleigh, gave those with nerves the chance to obtain
some dutch courage!

Elina was the hostess with the mostess and I think she may have had a few offers of marriage, but it just wasn't to be!

If I know anyone heading your way I will pass on your detail

Many thanks and all the best.



Leon Mk - Riga

Hello Stuart,

Just a quick email to say thanks for your help and booking the shooting for
us. All the boys left with big smiles on their faces, even Gary who got the
slap on the head. Was good to meet you, maybe i'll be over again in the
future for my stag weekend. Thanks again




Robert S - Riga

All in all one of the largest weekends I can remember. As you saw everyone was more than up for it and Riga was definitely the place to do it!

Hope all was cool your end Re hotel ect, they didn't seem too pissed off?! Think we spent a penny or two in their bar.

Everyone thought Elina was great fun and dealt with us all perfectly. She
really was a huge plus to the whole weekend and we all think you're very lucky to have her working for you. I would suggest to you she is worth her weight in gold! I have organized a bit of a whip round and we are transferring £100 to her account as a tip. She knows this and it should be with her by the end of the week. She fully deserves it.

We had no real issues except at a restaurant on sat pm where they took so long to get us our food (1hr 45 mins )eventually we left as I had arranged a little show for Tom. They rightly or wrongly called some serious looking security so I had to pay for the food anyway. I think we were being particularly rowdy so probably fair enough to pay! They called Elina as she had arranged the table. Sorry for any grief she got about it.

Other than that all had a blinder - paintballing and bobsleigh were great,
Dana and her girls at the place we seemed to spend most the weekend were patient and amusing! How many hours were we there? They must have made a fair whack too! We are all watching our statements with baited breath and if there are any huge indescrepencies I will be in touch but I doubt it.

Thanks for your help - good luck for the rest of the year and who knows some of us may well make our way back out there some day.



Ps - if you can fill any obvious gaps or stories let me now as they will be
much enjoyed by a still very hungover and bruised group who between them can't recall that much!


Annie H - Riga Hen Weekend

Hi Stuart,

Oh my god what a bump back to earth on Monday I had. I was so ill! I even uttered the words - "I'm never drinking again". Had a really busy, hard week at work too. My poor wee brain was frazzled.

We did enjoy the bobsleigh a lot although the people up there didn't make us feel welcome at all. That girl was awful. It did seem like a lot of money for what it was though. If you got a go in the big rubber tame one too it might have been better value. But it was certainly a good experience. You were great and looked after us very well, so I certainly would recommend you to anyone going to Riga. Would I recommend Riga...not sure. It was a great place and we had a fab time, but it was just that we didn't feel very welcome. I can understand they may be sick of drunk, loud Brits, and that we don't have a great reputation, but we are not all like that. I suppose I would say it's worth a visit. I would say avoid the 68% proof pernod I had for breakfast on Sunday though - think it gave me a bout of alcoholic poisoning!

Thanks again for all your time and help (before and after our visit). That
video of us all conked out on the way back was funny!

Thanks Stuart,


Osman K - Riga


We all enjoyed the holiday very much, we will definitely be coming back!

Elina was very good, very friendly and professional, it was a shame we didn't get to have a beer with you, but hey maybe next time.

Anyway thanks a lot for all your help, best of luck for the future




Steve G - Riga

Hi Stewart!

Yeah! From the emails going round everyone had a great time and
everyone had a great that night. Cheers for looking after us and taking us to some great places. It's good to be taken round as it stops us having to make choices of where to go, especially if you're not too sure where's good and then getting the blame if you choose somewhere that nobody likes. Also keeps most of the group together. Say that's also to Elina. She took good of the boys and also so glad she was there when Eamonn got stopped by the by the police. Could have potentially ruined the night but she was able to sort it out very

Cheers for everything once again. Will definitely try to get back some
stage and should look you guys up. Will definitely recommend you guys if I hear anyone is heading that way.

Take care,



Craig F - Vilnius

hi stuart

thanks for a fab weekend we all enjoyed it immensly, hope that we didnt cause too much bother lol.
the ladies were awesome, lene and agne are welcome round to mine anytime, feel free to give them my email address and phone number lol.
if you would be so kind as to send us some of the footage you have from the weekend that would be great, and if the 3 of u ever fancy a weekend in nottingham let me know ill sort something out, we could copy the weekend in vilnuis lol.

anyway must dash work to be done! keep in touch and ill speak soon !

many thanks



Guy A - Riga

Well - that was that! The stag-do - done and dusted!

I just wanna send my thanks to you for an absolutely amazing weekend. A memory I will keep with me for a lifetime - so many many thanks!

The swedish boys are still getting over the shooting range! The english boys are still getting over the fact that the swedish boys made it up for breakfast both days!

I would also REALLY appreciate it if you could pass on our thanks to Ellina (spelling?) and Inger - especially to Ellina who really helped us a lot.

Let me know about the tv-show. i can send you my address if theres anything to send. I'll get the boys to pool their photos too - and i'll send you some of the better ones.

Good luck with your new business idea!



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