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Please read what just a few of our customers have said about us in 2009......


Lasse - Riga

Hi Stuart,

The Limo service Service was very good.

Everything went as planned.




Patrick - Riga

Hi Stuart,

We all survived the weekend and it was great. Thanks for your help. We don’t have any negative remarks about the limo or Riga. The only thing we have comments on, is the girl in the limousine. We all agreed that she was PERFECT. You can tell her that if she ever comes to Holland, there will be 10 guys waiting for her in a limo J!

Maybe our paths will cross and we’ll see each other again in the future, if not, thanks again for everything!




Robert C - Riga

Thanks fir everything Stuart, we had a great time it was perfect . Jan really looked after us.


Tom P - Riga

Hi Stuart,

Back from Riga, just wanted to say what a brilliant time we had. Ivo was amazing and I would defo recommend him, if you can get a message to him just to say thank you very much and tell him we had a brilliant time.

Thanks very much again for sorting it out.


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Hans-Oskar A - Vilnius

Hi Stuart,

Everything is fine and we are very happy with everything that you arranged for us.

Best regards,

Hans-Oskar A


Andy T - Riga


Sorry it's taken a while to come back to you - the 'benefit' of taking a couple of days off. Yes, we all truly enjoyed ourselves and the entertainment you arranged was first class. Nobody was ill on your cooking either ;-)

Dom Steak was nearly empty, but probably one of the finest sirloin steaks I've ever eaten. Really nicely cooked, but a little pricey.

Hospitalis was OK - probably recommend on the basis of novelty value - I'd seen some reports saying food was OK but not great and I'd probably go along with that. Unfortunately, there was another stag do in at the same time who were a little rowdy. Still, a good time. We ended up in Feelings later on in the night which was pretty good.

Can't remember whether you took any pictures at all - if you did can I have a copy?

Feel free to use the below for your website:


Many thanks for arranging a fantastic day's entertainment. You turned up exactly when you said you would and the day ran like clockwork. Thoroughly recommend commandeering the outdoor kart track - making sure Kart no. 11 is the one you get! A big thanks from all the guys.



Stuart A - Riga

Hi Stu.

No it all went really well. We had an absolute blast. Hotel and events were all great and the place is fantastic. There is a lot of stuff on the web at the moment about the dangers of Latvia and scams etc but unless you are a complete prat then you can avoid all of that.

If you ever need me to write a bit of blurb for the website etc letting everyone know how good the experience was then just let me know.




Bruce T - Vilnius

Hey mate,

Thanks for the email. It was well worth doing the shooting. Very enjoyable, if a bit cold!

No specific feedback. It was all very easy and worth getting out of bed for.

My only suggestion would be in regard to the stag thing. When I was looking up shooting places on the internet, I was looking for somewhere serious if you follow my meaning. The fact that it was the local police was perfect, not sure if you could emphasise that but it might make a difference for a few folk.

I'll ask the other lads if they have any thoughts too.



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