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David S UK - Riga

Thanks for taking care of everything on Saturday... we all had an amazing time, really unbelievable! What a thrilling experience, my personal favourite was the glock semi-auto although the pump action was a lot of fun too. That shooting range was something else!come back ASAP!


Adam C UK - Riga

Thanks to all at baltic stags, Riga is a nice city. The boys were a bit pessimistic to begin with but that all changed after a 10 seconds of getting off the plane! Why are all the women so ridiculously beautiful? - Very strange but made for an excellent 3 days. Now everybody hopes to come back ASAP!


Dan B UK - Vilnius

Very satisfied with everything. I think most of us will not drink for a couple of weeks after that weekend! The stripper waiting for us in the limo at the airport was a touch of genius and absolutely hilarious! I've never seen Mark (the stag) look so smitten! It was good to have you there and we'd have been lost without you. Probably should've done one of your activities which didn't involving drinking but you live and learn! Still a 100% top notch time!




Andy S UK - Riga

Now that was spectacular! Those guns were immense and I'd recommend the it to anyone. Strip club was a bit pricey and seemed pointless considering the amount of beautiful girls everywhere else which we could oggle for free! Thanks so much for your help whilst we were there and making everything run smoothly.



Stephen C UK - Vilnius

Many many thanks guys, that was a superb weekend and more than exceeded our expectations. It's a great little town you've got there! The whole group were well happy with the decision to go come to Lithuania. Hotel was great and Anastazia couldn't has been more helpful or fit! Really hoping someone else ties the knot soon so we can have an excuse to go to Riga next time! I think we're all a bit jealous you lucky b*****ds actually live there!


James B EIRE - Vilnius

Bloody great! Would definitely be recommending you guys to anyone and everyone. I'm looking for any old excuse to come back!
Many many many thanks!


Eirik H - Riga

Hi Stuart!

Thank you, and a happy new year to you!

And yes, Riga was nice -and the limo with the stripper too! Some of the guys didn`t know about the limo and the stripper so it was a good surprise for them. :-)




Ian C - Riga

"Thanks also for doing such a fantastic job with us in Riga - the guys have been talking about it and it seems to have been a big hit!
Not sure if Ivan spoke to you - I got the impression he was expecting a
rioutous bunch for Saturday night but the guys were exhausted (strangely, I managed to perk up a bit in the evening!) so it was all a bit tame! You definitely had the toughest time on Friday.
Anyway, thanks again for posting my glasses home to me - really, very much appreciated."


Micheal O'B - Riga

Hello stuart

Everything went well in riga,service for limo was good and the shooting was brilliant, Ian has great patience and looked after us well.Hopefully we will get back to riga sometime in the near future.
Thanks again stuart.

Kind regaurds


Damian C - Riga

Hi Stuart

Just a note to say thanks for sorting out the Go-Karting. We had a really great time and all thought the facilities were excellent. Riga was a very nice city (very clean) and everyone had a really good time. Elina was great, she kept us all in order and made sure we were well looked after - please thank her on my behalf.

Once again, thanks



Mark S - Vilnius

Stuart you are without doubt a legend and Vilnius is a fantastic and very
beautiful city. All of the boys had a great time and all said that the Stag Do more than exceeded their expectations. I found it difficult to take any credit for this as Best Man since it was entirely down to your excellent organisation and contacts. The activities were awesome. Arguments still rage over which team edged the paintball and the snowy go-karting was easily the best fun i've had for years. Your web-site claims about the lovely Vilnius girls are certainly not an exaggeration. The fact that no-one was in bed before 5.30am on any of the three nights says it all about the night-life! All in all the week-end was a roaring success, largely down to your efforts.

Many thanks for everything!

Mark Stanger
Adam Woods
Ben Woods
Lee Williamson
Tom Woods
Michael Brown
Andy Francey


James R - Vilnius

No worries mate, we all an awesome time too! I dont think i want to see another stripper as long as i live! Except the one i fell in love with whose name i can never remember! I saw the photo, i will email you some more pics i took!

it easy stuart, james


Chris D - Riga

Hi Stuart,

Thanks again for your hospitality for the Go-karting, we had a great weekend, I think I've only just recovered. Elina was a lovely girl. The curry was great and we we're treated to some belly dancing at various stages throughout the meal.
Riga is a fantastic place and will probably return at some stage.

Thanks again Sturart

Christopher Dickinson


Konrad S - Riga

Riga was great fun. I was even sick on the flight back home! The limo was a great start to the evening.
Franks was pretty good, although we only managed about 2 hours sleep there. But that said it was a pretty good hostel.



Keith W - Vilnius

Thanks again - we had a blast ! All the boys were in a similar state on
Monday ! Sorry about the hard time re the club - the guys are demanding, trying to keep everyone happy the whole time. Common view was that it was the best stag in years so appreciate your help..............

Thanks also to Lina...............



Adam R - Riga

We're coming back to Vilnius every weekend! Limo was quality. any car recommendations would definitely be appreciated!


Toby P - Riga

Hi Stuart,

Yes we had a very good weekend thanks.
Oh yes, very happy with the girls - excellent hosts - stayed with us till
about 5am in a club !



Simon D - Riga

We all had a great time in Riga, thoroughly enjoyed it.Thanks again for looking after us, everything went very smoothly, thanks

Speak soon.



Andy W - Vilnius

All the lads had a great time, so thanks for your help. Limo back was a
lot quieter than the one that took us from the airport on Thursday!

I think the lads might be up for a return trip next October, so fingers




Ben W - Riga

Hi Stuart,

Just a quick mail to say thanks from all the lads for a great time. The
guns were brilliant and Elina was the perfect hostess on the pub crawl.

We were all a bit pissed off with the flight and Ryanair but with Ian
offering to pick us up cheered us up a treat. Ian was great and it seemed he couldn't do enough for us.

We enjoyed ourselves immensely and if we ever came back to riga we would definitely be dealing with John and yourself. Rest assured we will be recommending you to our mates and beyond.

Many thanks again.

Ben Walsh
Dave Hardiman
Dave Barker
John Moran
Lyndon Hanforth
Stephen Tomlinson


Martin B - Vilnius

Alright stu,

Yep, unfortunately back to reality once more and missing the beautiful women of vilnius...

We had a superb weekend thanks, bowling was a great crack, I actually
managed to stay fairly soba that night... Well... soba ish!

No other trips planned as yet... Except my skiing holiday in jan... :)
We'll be doing another lads weekend a similar time next year, and we'll
certainly be in contact if we decide on one of the countries you cater
for... As we all thought you were a genuine top bloke!

Go steady mate



Robert E - Vilnius


Just a quick note to say a huge thank you for all that you did. Everyone had a fantastic time ­ although some spent far too much litas in the strip club under the Erotic Café and now have some explaining to do, including Rob!

Miss all the gorgeous looking women already and can¹t believe you are lucky enough to be able to ogle them at your leisure all day long.

Thanks again ­ will be sure to recommend you and your stag doos to any mates in the future.

Talk to you soon




Ben M - Vilnius

Just wanted to e-mail you to thank you for sorting out the arrangements for the weekend. All the guys commented on what a laugh the weekend was.

The next thing we have to do is persuade another one of the guys to get
married so we can do it all again!



Richard P - Vilnius


just like to say thanks for a top weekend. Everyone
had a real amazing time.

I have lots of great pictures so if you want any let
me know.


if you ever think of selling up let us know..



Jehan S - Vilnius

Hi Stuart!

Just a quick note to say thank you for all your help in ensuring everything went smoothly this weekend. I know that everyone had an awesome time and your assistance was invaluable in making everything hassle free. Vilnius is a great place - cheap, friendly and full of very tidy ladies! The beer bike was the highlight for all of us, please ask Christina if we can have our hearts back soon!

Feel free to quote me on the above and let me know if you want me to say any

Thanks again.



PS The Stag was sick on the flight back. Job done!


Sandip P - Vilnius

Hello Stuart,

Hows it going mate?

Just a quick email to say thanks for organising all the events and showing us around. We all had a great time, and have just about recovered. lol.



Andy W - Vilnius


Just a short note to say thanks for all your help over the weekend. The
lads all had a great time - your recommendations were great, and you
really did go the extra mile to help us (especially as we didn't really
book anything!)

Vilnius was great, and we are all very jealous of you living out there,
you jammy b*st*rd.

Andy / Rob / Bob / Daz / Chris / Grandpa Tom

(ps - let us know if you want a testimonial or anything, and also when
the Loaded article comes out!)


Andy W - Esher - Riga

Thanks Stuart - we had a superb weekend. Everyone remarked on how well it fitted together / was organised and they all had a thoroughly good time. I want to thnk you for making it run so well and for organising it all.


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