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Deven B - Vilnius

Mate, Vilnius is still what all my guys are talking about... I don't think it will be long before you see some of us again! Winking smile emoticon

Thanks again for all!

Best regards,



Craig Tartan Army - Vilnius


Just arrived back home. Transfers were great ! Shame about the football !

Thanks Again


Stefan L - Riga

Hi Stuart !

I'm fine, thank you. We all loved it. I have only good things to say. Beside the obvious ( the girls ), the food was great and we all had a great time. Hope we were as good guests as you were hosts.
Riga in general was nice.
My friends now live / study there in Riga so i will be visiting the city a couple of more times, and i'm pretty sure we will gather company and visit the Victory club again.

Best regards



Lars DW - Vilnius

It was our pleasure - thanks for all the recommendations! We've all agreed to return (whenever their wives and girlfriends allow them to go...:-)) and repeat the success. By the way, we all thought that Copenhagen had a high ratio of beautiful women but walking in the streets now, after being exposed to all the beautiful girls in Vilnius, is sad and lonely... It was great to meet you Stuart and your friends - thanks for taking the time and trouble showing us around!




Darryl W - Riga

Hi Stuart,

Riga was excellent. Jan was good fun and ensured that we were well looked after. Thanks again for sorting the trip out it was much appreciated. If I am best man again I will definitely give you a call.




Fred DV - Riga

Hi Stuart,

Thx for asking, we are all very well ! We had an amazing weekend in Riga. Everyone enjoyed it very much !
Jan is also nice guy and all our activities were well (and on time) organized
It was a pleasure done business with you both.
We will definitely using your services again in the future.

I have maybe 1 minor comment:

It was a bit pity that with the limo transfer with striptease show, after 2 songs , we needed already to pay 70 lets more for the extra songs. But it was anyway a nice experience J




Ashley R - Riga


Hope you are well. The Limo experience in my eyes was the highlight of the weekend for me personally. The town centre is absolutely stunning and we were really quite spoilt for places to eat nice food. Obviously the hot weather we had was great too.
Jan was brilliant, especially at the airport telling us where to go, where not to go, the cons that are about etc....
On a slightly negative note, obviously the area our hotel was in was a bit run down and felt dangerous at times but you get that in every city I suppose. One thing I would say is that as a large group, we could tell that the locals didn't seem to really like us that much. I'm not sure if that is because we were a large group or just English. I certainly wouldn't hesitate to take my girlfriend out there for a weekend but I would stay in the centre of the town.
Oh, and finally, the trams. Great reliable service but we didn't realise that the rear tram is for ticket holders and the front tram was for paying passengers and a couple in our party got caught out and to pay fines, but apart from that, overall, fantastic weekend and the stag had a weekend he will never forget.

Kindest Regards



David G - Vilnius


We had a great time. We would like to thank you, Rutu and the guys for making the arrangements. Everything was very professional organised and run.
Do you also make similar arrangements for trips to Tallinn?

Best regards,



James M - Vilnius

Hi Stuart

Sorry for the slow reply. We had a brilliant time, thankyou. I'll be coming back in December with the girlfriend possibly.
Thanks again



Omar S - Vilnius

Hello Stuart,

It was an amazing night thanks! :) We have actually began putting together an itinerary to try and sell from here so hopefully this means we will back soon! :)



Robbert V - Riga

Hi Stuart,

I am fine thank you.

We enjoyed our stay in Riga.
We had nice weather and enjoyed the city and the nightlife of Riga.
The limousine service was arranged very well and we were satisfied.
Thanks for asking and maybe we meet again in future.

Have a nice day.

Ciao Robbert


Hannes - Riga

Hi Stuart!

We had a lot of fun in Riga! The party bus was a great start of the weekend and we liked it alot, one thing though, we had only about one beer each wich was far too little. Beer is a very small cost for you so I recommend that you are generous with the amount of beer and maybe liquor and drinks. Since it quite known that guys that have had alot to drink spends more money on lapdances it would have covered the extra costs for the booze and resulted in alot more money back to you in the end.

Otherwise it was great!

/ Hannes


Mikael E - Vilnius

Hi Stuart.

Pick up services worked perfectly no issue. Thanks for all help.
We had a blast at the range, it was really fun and all we expected.
If we ever come back we will for sure do this again.

Again thanks for all help.

BRGS Mikael with crew


Mike D - Tallinn


Top weekend thank you, excellent

Also Rachel was a very good guide, worked well

Would definitely recommend you guys!




Rune I - Riga

Hello Stuart.

Riga was great, the banquet topped it all, beautiful ladies J.
Looking forward going back 4 september with 8 more guys.
The booking is still ok for that date?.
We loved the place, thank you for your help.

I maybe also bring a new group to you in oktober.

Med vennlig hilsen

Rune I.


Pritam V - Riga

Hi Stuart,

Just wanted to thank you for the great stag that you organised for us. Jan was an amazing guide to Riga and the 14 + 1 of us had a great time. Not sure if you have a Facebook group or if there is somewhere else where I can recommend your services!

Many Thanks,


Dave C - Vilnius

Hi Stuart,

Mike and I just wanted to thank you and Yan (apologies to him if I've misspelt his name) for an absolutely fantastic weekend!
Both the banquet evening and the go-karting were a resounding success and by the end of the weekend there was 19 very tired (and hungover) but very happy men flying home.

The hotel was great too and of a far higher standard than I was expecting. I would like to apologise for the damage caused to the room after one of us left the shower running, I assume the hotel informed you of this and that the damage was paid for in full by us. No one admitted to doing it but rest assured, should he be found out he will be severely dealt with!

Anyway, I will not hesitate in recommending you to anyone and everyone and should any of your potential clients require a testimony then please don't hesitate in contacting me.

thanks again,



Tony A - Riga


We never got a chance to see you but it was a wonderful weekend. I can't thank you enough for all your help and the guys had a great time! We will definitely be recommending you to others and there will definitely be other stag do's to organise.

Stuart once again, thank you for all your help and please extend my regards to Jan, you guys are top!

Kind Regards



Paul & Chris - Vilnius

Hi Stuart

Thanks for all your organising skills for the weekend it was a blast and all the boys would like to thank you for making the weekend awsome if anyone i know is thinking of weekend away i will recommend Vilnius and yourself for a great place to visit and a great company to use take in easy and you will more than likely see us in the future.
All the best
Paul and Chris


Alessandro B - Riga

Hi Stuart,

we're all fine and we had a nice trip back. We had a wonderful time in Riga and the groom was really happy about the weekend.

Thanks for such a good organisation,



Dan H - Vilnius

Hi Stuart,

What a weekend, it was a shame I passed out so early on Sat. But is was inevitable with the rate of knots we were going at.
Thank you for your organisation on the tour, it was well planned and seamless. The lads put the weekend down to one of loosest they have been apart of. Mission accomplished! Hope we didn't scare the local girls too much.

Few tidbits from the trip:

Wig - Bruised face and shoulder (footpath)

Duffy - suspected fractured rib

Zivvy - hair line fractured femur

Greg - fractured ankle - now in a cast

Jase - Dislocated knee

Chandler - Chipped tooth

Sick Mick - no injuries! Just a busted current account!

Biggest injury list ive seen for a stag! Funny stuff.

Thanks again Stuart



Sarik M - Tallinn

Hi Stuart,

We had a really good weekend and everyone enjoyed the whole package.

Thanks for sorting it out for us... it made it so much easier going through you.

Take care,



Leo R - Riga

hi stuart
everythin was fantastic would definately recommend itno probs at all thanks



Jes Denmark - Vilnius

Ha ha ha ... amd I dont think we will ever forget Vilnius :-)
- and Stig will never forget the stripper in the limo !
- and the girl at the hotel will never forget us either, she had to pay for the minibar the girl in the room took when she left ...

... a lot of memories from Vilnius !
( and we talked about comming back :-p )

Hope you find the camera ! ... and thank you for a good planned trip. If you need help with youre homepage ( I got a graphical design company ) or need a comment from a costumer to put on youre homepage, please let me know !



Henrik - Vilnius

Hi Stuart

Thanks we are all well and I hope also you are well. We enjoyed our stay in Vilnius very much. The last two nights we went out and had some beers and we also visited the KGB-museum.
The shooting was very exiting. Hope you car is working just fine and thanks for the present :)

Best regards



Andy & Rob - Riga

Hi Stuart,

We are all good thanks. We should be thanking you as we had an excellent time in Riga!

Jan was very friendly and he showed us some good places to go so we felt the whole weekend went very smoothly. In fact i think some of the lads spent enough money in Jan's place to own shares so they may want to return in the future! The activities were great (apart from i thought i was going to die on the bobsleigh!) so we couldn't have asked for much more.

We were wondering if it was possible to get a copy of the photos that the lady took of us while we were on the shooting activity? We did ask her at the time and she told us to get in contact with you about them. Admittedly we have left it a bit late but if you could try and get them for us that would be great.

Thanks again for all that you did and we will definately look at your guys for any further stag weekends that come our way!

Andrew (& Rob)


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