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Matthew F - Riga

All good, thanks. Had a brilliant weekend and yes, it was open for business on the Sunday.

Sorry to hear that the stripclub owner and the manager were involved in a crash.

Cheers for organising everything and maybe see you again!



J Otto - Vilnius

Hi Stuart

Apologies for slow reply - have been variously off sick with a flu (possibly brought on by overdoing it in Vilnius!) and away for work.

Thanks a lot for your time and patience with me and my group, we all really enjoyed the trip and appreciated the smooth running of the shooting outing.

As for feedback, was impressed by the shooting as an activity and this is the third such outing I've done - instructors were good and it is a nice touch getting to load and cock the weapons, and no comments there. As for Vilnius, was surprised by how picturesque it was and enjoyed the relative quietness and most of the locals were very friendly (I suspect it might have been a different story if we had come at the height of tourist/stag season). All the best to you and thanks again - will unhesitatingly recommend Vilnius/your operation. Too bad it was a bit too wintery to do the parachuting ...



Ingvar A - Riga

all went well.
and thanks to Ian to. i will recommend your servecis if anny friends decide to
visit Riga ofcourse

regards Ingvar


David - Riga

Hi Stuart
Just to tell you know, all when ok, had a great long weekend thanks
John is a nice guy.


Mark T - Riga

hi stuart,

hope all was ok on sunday with the hotel check out and you weren't
feeling as bad as we all were.. thanks for all your guidance all
weekend, we had a great time, paying for it now though... good luck
with everything in the future..

kind rgds,


Stuart O - Vilnius

Thanks Stuart, we all had an excellent time and I will have lasting
memories of that cute blonde in the strip bar.

Stuart Owen


Tomaz V - Riga

Hi Stuart,

we all together had GREAT time in RIga!

Thank you a lot. Hope to see you soon. (When another friend get merried)



Andy C - Riga

Hi Stuart,

Seems a long time ago now, but can honestly say that we all had a
great time. We are thinking about Estonia next year so maybe in touch again!

Carry on with the good work




Steven Y - Vilnius

Hey Stuart,

We all survived and had a fantastic night! Thank you!

It's a shame we didn't make it out of the erotic café but it seemed everyone was perfectly happy there - not sure why.

Thanks again,



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