Frequently Asked Questions about Vilnius Weekends
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I book just the Activities?
Yes of course! You don't need to book accommodation through us to book the activities. You do however need to pay us a deposit to secure the reservation of your chosen activity. Don't forget you can make substantial savings by booking accommodation and activities together.

Is our money safe?

As laid down by European Union guidelines we hold all monies paid to us in a trust account. We only take this money after the holiday has finished. This ensures that in the very unlikely event of our insolvency you will not lose out financially and all money paid to us by you will be returned in full.

How do you make your money?
We make our money by reselling accommodation and activities to you. Because we have excellent relations with our suppliers and buy in bulk we can pass on these great prices to our customers. In most cases these prices are lower than if you booked the hotels and activities suppliers yourselves.

Why don't you offer flight inclusive packages?
In order for us to sell you airline tickets we would first need to obtain an expensive ATOL license. This cost would then only have to be passed on to you.
With the arrival of budget airlines to the Baltics it makes sense to book the flights yourselves directly with the airline. Some travel agencies will resell airline tickets with a mark up of 20% or more. We really don't believe in wasting money unnecessarily.

When is the best time to go?
Every season has it's advantages. In summer there is the possibility to enjoy the ubiquitous outdoor bars and cafes as well as the activities only available in the warm months. However the winter offers a pulsating nightlife agenda as the populations of the cities grow with the return of their inhabitants from holidays and also the return of the students! Both are eager for somewhere warm to party hard and very very long into the night. The winter activities are just as good if not better than those in summer as it's possible to experience real bobsleighing, skiing and ice-fishing - all hard (almost impossible) to find in warmer countries.

Do I need a Visa?
You do NOT need a visa to visit Lithuania if you are a citizen of an E.U. country, Norway, Switzerland, Canada or the USA. Don't forget that passports need to be valid for at least another 6 months from the arrival date. We've had at least 2 people either not getting on the plane or spending the night in the cells in Vilnius Airport before being put on the first plane home because of this - You've been warned!

What's the weather like?
Unlike North Western Europe the seasons of the year are very distinct here. April to September are warm and similar to the rest of central and northern Europe. Temperatures in July and August can reach 35C/95F. December can be very cold but January to March is freezing! However these colder months bring with them clear blue skies and bright sunshine - Cold doesn't mean it's not bright and beautiful.

What language do they speak?
The Lithuanian language represents an almighty challenge to master in a couple of years let alone a few days! You'll be pleased to know that English is widely understood and spoken and you'll have no problems in bars, restaurants or shops especially in the Old Town.

What's good shopping wise?
Things to buy here which are less available at home are amber products and soviet relics. You know that Lenin bust will look great on the mantelpiece!

What about local currency?
There's an abundance of ATM's all over the Vilnius and you'll never have to look far to find one. It's probably better to either change cash at the airport when you get here or withdraw from an ATM as buying Lithuanian (Litas) currency in your home country will mean you'll get a very unfavourable exchange rate. In fact we strongly advise against buying Lithuanian currency anywhere apart from in Lithuania!

What about getting around?
Getting around is easy. The Soviet system's legacy is an excellent network of trolleybuses and mikrobuses which cost a pittance to ride. Taxi's are also extremely cheap compared to Western Europe and are plentiful.

Is the internet available?
There are many internet cafes and wireless hotspots around the city centres.

What about mobile phones?
You can avoid expensive roaming costs by buying a local SIM card.
The cost of a single text message back home will be just 0.07 EUR and calls are charged at 0.40 EUR per minute.

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